Dominate Local SEO – Photographer and Videographer Edition

if you’re a photographer of videographer or somebody trying to get started as a video production company, this is my business advice and SEO marketing tips for you.

people often wonder how it is that they can find better gigs, and they forget that one of the core foundations of a video production or photography business is being able to easily be found on Google. sure, Instagram and Twitter are becoming very relevant for people to see your imagery and intersect you, and there’s probably nothing going to beat that ever. but what good is it if people search your name and hardly anything pops up? I find that it’s really hard for me to find videographer and photographer out of state when we are trying to line up subcontracting jobs because they’re simply inept at Google SEO and in particular, local SEO. local SEO off and revolves around your Google my business account and being able to show that you are worthy of trust by building up Google reviews, writing the correct information on your website, as well as updating all of the other website listings across the internet so that Google understands what you do and where you do it.

if you’re wondering how to build a better video production or wedding photography business, this is a critical bit of coaching for you

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