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Hi, I’m Robert Newman hopefully you know that by now because this is the fourth in a series of videos on real estate SEO. This particular segment is about link building or sending signals to content that you’ve already created it is a very large piece of real estate search engine optimization and it’s important to mention that this entire video is specific to the real estate industry. So if you’re not in real estate you might want to find yourself another video on link building. If you are in real estate you are extremely lucky that you found this particular video. I’m gonna make it easy for you to get onto the first page of Google using what is called white hat or very legitimate tactics to get links back to your site. Now the first and foremost thing that I want to emphasize is I’m not going to go through a hundred different ways to build links. I’m going to go through three or four but three or four and in most cases that’s all you need, okay. So let’s talk about link building for a second to make sure that you my viewer actually understand what it is.

In case some of my viewers have skipped my other segments. As I do with many of these real estate SEO videos I’m just gonna prove my bonafide. In other words one of my least favorite things on the internet is that you oftentimes have people talking about things that they themselves haven’t done. So what they do is they go out and they learn a topic they make claims like oh I have a hundred clients that are doing really well using this strategy but they can’t actually show you anything that they’ve done themselves specifically that uses the strategies that they’re teaching you about and then claim that they work, especially in the real estate space. So what we’re looking at right here is inboundREM, inbound real estate marketing is what that stands for.

It’s my company and this is a record of my blog. This is literally the blog section of my blog. I have done eight blog posts this year and only two of them are so recent that they’re not getting ranked. So actually all the statistics I’m going to show you is really based on six blog posts that’s it. All right so for six blog posts I have created 22,000 unique visits with 33,000 pageviews and 25,000 site, you know what that doesn’t matter.

So since like January of 2017 and just so that you know that the keywords that I’m targeting are real estate related, they’re all real estate. They are for the marketing part and you probably are a realtor or a broker. So it’s a little bit different and the difference is that the terms I’m competing for are probably far more competitive than yours. So like I’m number four for real estate slogans, I’m number two for Zurple which is a real estate lead generation platform, I’m number two for real estate memes, I’m number two for Placester reviews, I’m number five for real estate hashtags, I kind of I don’t know I can’t rank for real estate quotes but anyway I’m number sixteen that’s not very good that’s on the second page, I’m number four for inbound real estate. Yeah you can keep going down and down and down, it’s. I’ve got quite a few first page results or I wouldn’t have six or seven thousand unique visits coming in to my site. The impressive thing about these numbers which most of you won’t realize but I’ve done them in six months and most of the time with Google it takes six months to start seeing results.

So I’m going to teach you some of the tricks that I use in terms of building links and everything that I’m teaching you today is what is referred to as white hat. In other words I’m doing my best to live within the guidelines of Google and make sure that my own website and your websites to will not get penalized if you follow my advice. Now this is advice or tutorial that I’m giving you in 2017. Google does change the rules, so if you’re watching this years after I’ve made the video you might want to check the current rules but my intention is to teach you something that’s going to be usable forever and not violate Google’s rules. Okay so first and foremost let’s talk about what signals are okay so let’s make the assumption that you have built a very good page of information for your website.

Now I’m using a page that I used in another segment of this real estate SEO tutorial. This is a page that me and my team built and you can see I’ve already covered in another section how to build the page and why you’re building the page but this is different. So now the page is there and unfortunately one of those things that a lot of people miss but if you’re watching this video you have not missed it’s that it’s not enough to make the very best page that exists on a topic.

I wish that it was. Google tries to infer or say that it is enough but it’s not you have to build the page and then what you need to do is you need to send I call them signals but you need to build the credibility of this page in Google’s eyes specifically. I am only talking about Google. so how do you do that and what do I mean by that? So to get into that we’re going to take a look at the actual keyword that I’m targeting on this page. Now it’s really easy to understand because the very first bit of the title is obviously a keyword target. I cover all of that my first section of my real estate SEO tutorial. So if you’re starting to get lost in this tutorial unfortunately need to backup and need to watch the first few hours of these that I did so that you’re on the same page but this tool which I’m using throughout all of my tutorials a ahrefs is saying, is sending us a very clear signal. It’s saying you’ll need backlinks from two websites to rank in the top ten for this keyword.

Alright so a lot of people don’t understand what a backlink is but I’m going to refer to backlinks as signals because actually Google requires a few different signals be sent to a page or requires is not a great term but they give extra credibility to a page that has signals sent to it and there are a few different types of signals that you can send. Hope that makes sense. All right, so I scoot down here after I’ve entered in this keyword. Now we see you know the people that are currently ranked. These are the top 10 results as of August 5th 2017 for this keyword and over here you see numbers that don’t make any sense.

You see DR or domain Authority, URL Authority and then you start seeing again the language backlinks, domains. Alright. So now we start to get a little bit deeper into this. Our tool is telling us that we need one or two of these to get onto the first page. I’m gonna teach you to look at a couple different things and I already have in other videos. I’m just actually doing a recap.

So domain authority is roughly speaking how authoritative the entire domain is. The score is 0 to 100, 0 is the worst 100 is the best. The URL which is the only thing that matters when you’re doing page by page SEO which is almost all that you’ll be doing as a real estate agent is also 0 to 100. Okay the signals that Google uses to develop these scores is related to a lot of things but we’re going to keep it simple, we’re going to keep it down to two separate types of signals.

Social signals and backlink signals. Backlinks are when other websites so other people that own websites basically vote for your website. How do they vote for your website? I’m going to show you right now. Okay. So these are. So let’s just do this. So this right here, it is was the external backlink that we saw. Ok took me a moment to find it. It was actually a very long page okay. So this is one of the backlinks and these big websites like get a lot of these what are called data aggregators that send in links to their site. The funny thing is that this is Webio and there is a lot of confusion between Chevy Chase the actor and Chevy Chase the homes. So it was a little bit of a muddy example and I apologize for that but nonetheless hopefully you’ve gotten the understanding that a backlink is a website that has placed the website address of another website into its own pages and depending on the strength of the page that has that website address it increases the value of the page that it’s pointed to.

All right. So what I’m going to teach you is how to get those. Okay. These, these links over here. Remember I’m only going to give you three but also remember that one of the top, that most keywords like this is one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S. and Chevy Chase Maryland is a very competitive real estate market and yet Chevy Chase real estate which is a top tier real estate keyword phrase has a 1. If you use the advice that I give you, built the page content you’re probably gonna get on the first page. Just doing three links to your website and that will be the case in 95% of all searches and those of you that fall into the very rare markets that have something way more competitive and I’m showing you one right now like Beverly Hills real estate.

Alright, this is one of the more competitive terms in all of the US for real estate and so you have to have 18 in my little tutorial on how to get three is not gonna do you very much good. The good news though is that if you’re in a city like this is part of Los Angeles Beverly Hills and it’s a super competitive keyword term. So is Austin Texas real estate as an example. So people that live in very large, very wealthy cities are.

If they’re going for the broader terms honestly then you need to figure, like you either need to take some advanced courses on link building or you need to probably hire an SEO professional. There aren’t very many that know what they’re doing but the good news is you probably don’t have to hire and let me explain that. So I just did Beverly Hills a couple of different times another way to go would be the Wilshire Corridor condos for sale. Oh shoot I misspelled it okay and why is this relevant because if you know this area the Wilshire corridor doesn’t have a condominium that’s for sale on it for any less than a few million. So this is a luxury real estate search. It’s perfectly viable there are 80 to 150 people doing the search. That’s the people that live here in this city and everything on this corridor is there is no such thing as low end on the real estate and the same thing goes for the Sunset Strip. So when you start talking about bigger cities. All you need to do is work on your target.

So you’ll find something like this and and again my tutorial will work just fine. You just, you can’t expect that you’re going to watch a few hours of videos and then be able to rank for major terms like Los Angeles real estate or Austin real estate or whatever. It’s just that is a very high expectation. So let’s get into what we can do though which is ranking for 95 percent of everything else very easily. So first things first, social signals.

This is an example of social signals, most people myself included are of the belief that social is a very low impact on anything that Google looks at, if not negligible. However here’s been what my experience has been with social is that while I don’t believe that it impacts ranking per se or directly. I do think, I do feel like. So imagine that there’s a logical sequence of events. I strongly believe that for the most part and actually I don’t need to believe this. There’re studies that tons of people including ahrefs have done say that most of the time takes anywhere from 180 days to a year to get on to the first page or get to be number one for a search term. Now you already saw my results and I’m obviously far ahead of that in a much shorter span of time.

To me, it would be logical that if you are going to be Google or anybody else that one of the ways to identify how relevant, prevalent or popular an article would be would be to look at social. Now you’re not going to necessarily, I don’t think that Google makes ranking decisions based on social. I do however think they make ranking speed decisions based on social and so what I mean by that is that if you have a lot of social signals coming into a page I think it’s far more likely that as long as you have a couple of other signals and that your content is really good.

I think that you will rank very, very fast and that social is one of those key elements to wildly drop your results time down. So how do you get these social signals. You either have a pre-established social audience or you can pay social platforms and get stuff like on Facebook shared a lot of times you know with links.

Send back to the content or you can go on to Fiber and find people that will share your social content with their large audiences that they already have pre established. So there’s three separate ways to do social and again some of this some of the stuff that I’m doing in this tutorial is very high level in other words I’m not giving you step-by-step directions. I will be doing that probably with other types of contents like your image tutorials I’ll actually show you me going out and doing it. I just showed you one of the results that I had. Here’s another one. This is StumbleUpon and this is a client article and it’s six likes in one stumble. It’s not, it’s not very much but it’s something and StumbleUpon is a content sharing site. So any signals being sent to some place by certain content sharing sites is somewhat of a big deal but the important thing is this.

You have to do it with multiple platforms in other words again this is based on my experimentation but having some signals sent from like Google+, Facebook and Twitter are my standard three usually means that your content will be ranked much faster. Now that’s my entire dialogue about social. The next thing and again if I had to guess like in terms of does it actually impact ranking at all. If I was gonna say it impacted it maybe five percent. so you’re really looking at a tactic that is mostly used to get your stuff looked at faster. Like get it looked at, get it measured versus other content of the same type much, much quicker. Now to the meat of this particular tutorial so real estate specifically in terms of building backlinks one of the things that Google looks at and I’m kind of just cutting through a lot of garbage for you guys is Google looks at what niche a link is coming from. Now there’s a lot of lifestyle stuff that is valuable for real estate. However if you just want to be really certain, you don’t want to mess around with a whole bunch of link building.

I’ve discovered that links that come from other real estate related sites actually work very well for real estate. So in other words you, like other realtors linking to you might do very good would be one example. One of the literally the linchpins of my success and I’m gonna try to make it a linchpin of yours too is actually ActiveRain. ActiveRain is a real estate blogging site. So there’s nothing but realtors on here and they blog and every time you write a blog post. so ActiveRain has two memberships it has free and one that’s $199 .So if you become kind of like an active rain community member you’ve spent $199 for a year. Now if you do that active rain allows your posts to be one visible to the public, and two you can create links off your blog posts. So then your objective is as follows. You want to write a really good post, okay. It doesn’t have to be that long but it does have to be relevant. I keep mine to three to five hundred words at a maximum which does not take me very long but I try to make sure that they’re super engaging and I put.

So the way that I am doing my blog posts for link building on ActiveRain is I’m sending a link to the topic that I just like. I will launch a blog on my primary website like this one and then I write a support blog in ActiveRain. Okay so in here I’ve got two links I got my own, I’ve got my inboundREM, YouTube channel and I have my website and this is the link.

However here’s the beautiful part these ActiveRain links which really don’t take that long to create and it doesn’t take that long to create something valuable for other Realtors. The value of these content pages is incredible. So you look at what my top referring content is like just look down my top or referring content and you’re gonna see very, very fast that ActiveRain, ActiveRain, ActiveRain, ActiveRain. Literally 50% of my high-value links and look at the value of the links. So it’s a 13, it’s a 12. So these are super valuable signals that I’m building on activerain and I’m passing that to my website.

Oftentimes with just a single link from active rain sent to the right blog post. I will rank just from that but we’re gonna give you a couple more and for you it will work the same. Many of your stuff that’s saying hey you need one link to get onto the first page. If you’ve written your content correctly the way that I told you to do it the last time and you create a backlink from active rain that in many cases is gonna be all that you need to rank the post on your primary blog but let’s do some more. So it’s a website that accepts most articles from real estate agents. It’s called RealtyTimes, it’s a great way to get backlinks. You can create a membership here. You can submit an article, go into a section called advice from agents and you can just see that.

I mean just on August 5th alone there was four articles. So there’s a lot of articles that get submitted here and whether the links are follow or do not follow it doesn’t really matter, they’re good links. So do RealtyTimes. So that’s number two number three is so we’ve been looking at Chevy Chase as our example. So another way to get a good link to your site. They’re very low quality but honestly again I just want to emphasize most of the time if you’ve done your keyword research right. It means follow to every other piece of advice I’ve given you don’t need too many links coming in to a page. As a matter of fact oftentimes too many hurts you. So you really want to stick with like a simple formula that’s going to work most of the time and it will turn your content marketing into a major money-making machine if you just follow that formula and don’t make yourself crazy trying to learn all the ins and outs of what is actually a very vast topic.

So here’s the last one. You just google the city or town you may have to do this a couple times but you’re just looking for blogs that allow a look there was one already on active rain alright so we go here and all we’re looking for is articles that allow comments. You can again as long as you’re doing it’s legitimately like you don’t want to go to India or something but you can actually find a virtual assistant for like five dollars an hour and you can have them run through these blog posts and all they’re doing is they’re looking for something they can comment on and you’ll find them. I mean I may not have found it this first a couple of times but then again I would hire a virtual assistant to do this and I promise you somewhere on here we’re gonna find a blog that’s gonna allow for a comment and see that certainly infers. yeah, there we go.

So if they accept the comment which it should be thoughtful, you should read the article in question and then you can just put in your name, your email, your website and the comment and especially if you’re a local real estate agent yourself and you’re commenting on their real estate blog believe it or not that’s valuable to them too. So you’re really not like that’s the way that Google works if you provide value you get value. So you leave something that’s thoughtful like I love this festival it’s brilliant some of the time they’ll leave your website address in here, some of those times they’ll take it out.

So if you are going to do comment like a comment strategy you may want to do two or three of these but about one out of every three or one other before somebody is actually going to accept the comment they’re gonna create a link back to your post and believe it or not this entire thing if you automate it, if you turn it into a process. It doesn’t take very long, an hour for every post that you do and last but not least. I’m gonna give you a forum there’s many, many different ways to do this but this forum right here is actually an incredibly high value architectural forum and for those of you that practice real estate in a place that has any type of notable architecture and we have so much here in Los Angeles it’s not even worth talking about but you can either put a couple images in here or you can comment on images and they all get accepted and they all count as backlinks back to your post but this one is a little bit, it can be a little bit trickier.

It’s just an additional one but it is very high value. So if you do get a referral from here it’s probably gonna be a great referral. So those are ways to get links back to a site like I said it’s not very complicated. so we’ve covered social, we’ve covered actually four different ways to get links. There’s many more. Now here’s the funny thing, if you don’t like or you need more advice on link building guess what ActiveRain has tons of Realtors that talk about various ways to get links back to their site. So for whatever reason this post my tutorial doesn’t fill your needs or you’re one of those people I keep saying if you have an advanced need. You can come here to ActiveRain. This particular agent is talking about doing guest blogging sites that are going to accept a piece of content from you and then allow you to install a link inside it. Now a long time ago Matt Cutts talked about this and said that it wasn’t a great idea. In my experience as long as you’re writing great content on relevant sites and then referring them back to your site, there isn’t anything spammy or against Google’s rules but do anything cut any corners, create spammy content, create spammy comments and of course you run the risk of getting penalized.

That’s in my experience with SEO that’s true across the board. It’s kind of like you can use tactics and be trying to provide value for yourself and other people that own websites or you cannot. You can just be trying to cut corners and create value only for yourself and if you’re doing the latter eventually Google’s gonna figure out a way to penalize you. My opinion is, is that even if you if you use one or two gray things, you know things that may not be totally clear about what is or isn’t inside the guidelines as long as you’ve made amazing content you are legitimately trying to help yourself and others on the web you probably will avoid most penalties.

That’s how I operate as an SEO. I just do my best to do good across the web. I know I don’t succeed all the time but I think I do most of the time. My results certainly seem to indicate that my content has been well received, it’s been received far faster than almost anything even I’ve seen in terms of other people trying to rank pages and I’ve now started to apply the same tactics to my clients pages and I’ve seen results there too.

Anyway thank you for joining me for my link building or signal section of my real estate SEO tutorials as always you can leave comments below, subscribe to the channel all that stuff. Have a good night. .

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