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– On this episode I talk about turning points, content, real estate, and chugging. (upbeat music) You ask questions, and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee Show. (upbeat music) Hey everybody, this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and welcome to Episode 36 of the #AskGaryVee Show. Fun fact about the number 36: it’s the last time I’m doing a fun fact about a number. – Barry asks: “Gary, love to hear your opinion on whether a PR company or a person should be

overseeing social media for a business.” – Barry, great question, and before I even answer it, I just want to thank you for being a long time interactor friend with me. I don’t like using the word fan, but I say it sometimes, it just slips.

Barry, I’ve always enjoyed our conversations on Twitter over the last four years, so thrilled to have you on the show. I think I know where you’re going with this question, which is the notion of, VaynerMedia was built on coming into companies and taking the social media away from PR companies. Some of the bigger PR companies in the world right now have built out social media departments and they’ve done a nice job, to varying degrees. I wanted to answer this question because I want to get people around the psychology of the difference between PR and social, and why I do think that, of course there’s people, hundreds of people in this company have worked in PR before, so there’s some great things about PR. Being able to handle pressure, the speed of it. The difference though, is PR is very B2B.

When you’re a PR person and you’re working with a client, the Yankees, you’re trying to get them press in the New York Times, The New York Post, ESPN. You’re working directly with a human being who’s the gatekeeper to make a decision.

When you’re doing social, you’re dealing with all the fans, and it’s much more B2C. So I don’t have a problem if a PR person or company is doing the social for a company or individual, I just want to make sure they have a different gear in their brand understanding, brain, not brand, but that was an interesting slip-up.

I just want to make sure they have that gear to know that they need to be looking at this as a B2C game, versus the B2B game that is PR. – eastcountytoday says, “Gary, love the iTunes touch. When was the moment you knew you would be okay when starting your company?” – East County, right? That’s a little bone thugs reference to episode, I can’t remember. East county, the moment I knew that I was gonna make it was the first day I walked into my dad’s liquor store. And the reason I decided to answer this question

and trying to find value for everybody watching other than me bragging about that I had the bravado from day one was, the notion of not even worrying about that moment. Meaning, one of the biggest things that I’m trying to teach, I’m turning a lot today. One of the things I’m trying to teach all my management here at VaynerMedia, and all my founders in my start-up investments and my co-founders in companies that had meeting with my co-founders at Resy last night, the number one thing I keep telling everybody is to not worry about the things that don’t matter.

Worrying about or trying to figure out, this is the moment when I made it, is something that I think cripples people, and I just don’t even think about those things. I could answer this question two ways,

which are the two right ways, which is one: The moment I walked into my dad’s store, because I had that confidence, or I could answer the other way that’s equally as true, pulling on both sides like a bridge, which is, I haven’t made it yet. They both are right, and the truth is, outside of this question, I don’t think about it at all, ever, period. And the reason I’m answering the question is because I’m trying to get as many of you who are watching the show right now to not worry about those things. Worry about executing, worry about feeling good about your life, don’t worry about making it. Because making it is an outside force. The inside force of you just doing it is what you should be focused on. – Kyle asks, “Gary, is there a way to drive traffic to a

website when posting content directly to Facebook?” – Kyle, yes.

(bell ringing) As you can tell, that Facebook post on my fan page drove a crap load of traffic to my Medium article, which is content. I answered this question because I wanted to show you raw details because I think raw details is even a deeper version of this show, and I continue to try to go deep within myself to really drive you value, especially because this is only a 50 episode experiment. Just kidding. And so, the answer is absolutely. Facebook is actually probably one of the biggest drivers of content awareness outside of itself to other destinations in the world right now, so the question is, how do you do it organically, how do you do it in a paid, targeted way? What I

just showed you was organic.

I have a pretty big foundation of 150,000 fans on that page, but there’s people that I’ve seen post content that have 800 fans, and enough people shared it and enough people liked it, enough people commented it and shared it not only within Facebook but outside of it, that it created fire. Facebook is content awareness infrastructure in a 2015 world. So not only is there a way, I think it’s one of the singular best ways, and so I would highly recommend making an investment in Facebook fan pages, recognizing the distribution opportunities that it creates for content you’re putting outside of its network. – Hey Gary, I’m a realtor, and our team puts out a lot of video. (bell ringing) – Ha, the ding. – In Episode Eight you said it was important to put up daily content, so my question to you is, if you

were a realtor, what kind of daily video content would you produce? – So that was a tremendous video. Let’s all at the VaynerNation pay attention to multiple things, including he was wearing the R.O.I. of your mother T-shirt, the fact that he dinged the jab-jab-jab in the background, a random man walked by in the background, which is a reference to some of the stuff we’ve done on the show.

If you’re listening on the podcast, I highly recommend you go to YouTube and watch this episode just to watch this video, ’cause it was tremendous. My answer is very simple. If I was a realtor, the thing that I would do more than anything is actually review the area around the places where I sell homes. Let me explain. If I’m selling homes in Millburn,

New Jersey, I’m putting out a daily piece of content reviewing the school, then I’m interviewing the individual teachers if I can get access to them, then I’m reviewing every local business, the Subway shop, the wine shop, then I’m interviewing literally people that have lived in the neighborhood for 50 years.

I’m putting out content to make you romantic around the stories in the area, because people pick them for utility. What I mean by that is, convenience of transportation, how quickly from the office, but they also pick because of the school systems, and there’s a lot of data out there on that, but how about making it a little warmer and interviewing Miss Robinson the third grade teacher,. And then obviously kind of the amenities around it, the playground, the best stores. I remember a realtor telling me that people moved to Short Hills because of Wine Library.

I thought that was cool.

It felt like such an anchor to that area. And so what I would do is daily content on the 20 mile radius or 10 mile radius around the area where you sell the homes. The stories that are tucked away in the businesses and the school system, and the iconic neighbors that have been around forever, those stories are the narrative that will create emotion which will be on a tipping point scale, on a 50/50, may be the thing that tips someone to buying your home. – Sean asks, “Gary, most big successes have a huge turning point where things really take off. What was that turning point for Wine Library?” – Sean, great question. I guess there were some turning points when the Wine Spectator ad that we ran, the first New York Times full page ad, the time I reset the score and took 50% of the beer off the floor and added more wine, when I started, the day I started the email service, the day I jumped into Robert Parker’s forums in ’97 and became part of the internet community around wine, the 2000 Bordeaux Vintage, when we bought heavy, when I first started promoting wines nobody ever heard of on email, Richard Partridge Cabernet comes to mind, when I hired Brandon.

As you can tell, there are many moments that we made it, but it was just trucking along, building on top of each other step by step. My friends, if you listen to two of my answers on this show, you understand one very interesting thing about me, which is, I may have the energy of the hare, but I am the tortoise. (bell ringing) You know what I’m putting up there, right? That beautiful thing you did, Zak. Show Zak. You did a very nice job on that one. For everybody listening, I’m pointing to the tortoise and hare image I put out on Instagram. Go check me out on

Instagram/garyvee. Anyway, when I made it, the turning point moment, everybody who’s watching and asking these questions are looking for this sign, like I saw the sign, It’s not that. It’s head down, you love and believe in what you do, and you just never think about those moments, you just keep trucking along. It’s lunch pail mentality, it’s old school Eastern European put-in-the-work mentality. I don’t think about these things, guys. The Fortune 40 Under 40 that just happened, is that a turning point in my career? Sure, some people now think of me differently ’cause I’m in the context of those people, but it’s not.

It’s just chug and chug and chug and chug and chug and chug and chug and chug, And so chug. Thanks for watching the show. You like that DRock? (giggling off camera) Don’t edit that part, I want your giggle in

there. Thanks for watching the show everybody. Episode 36 in the bag. Question of the day. (sighs) You know, to use this whole theme of the show, question of the day, very simply, do you think you’re a chugger, or do you think that you had a turning point moment, and if it was, what was that? And by the way, Episode 35, we dropped off of the momentum of Episode 34 on the banter. I’ve told you about the banter. I can’t be in this situation where I have to yell at you about banter and then it happens and then you fall off your next episode. I expected maybe 15 episodes, and I’d have to talk about banter again, but the community, get in the comments.

Get in the comments. Thank you. You keep asking questions, I’ll keep answering them. Oh crap, wait, subscribe! I need subscriptions because I can’t push this many right hooks in social, so subscribe! .

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Real estate agents breaking the rules – Hidden camera investigation

This is marketplace real estate agents caught on camera ten agents ten hot neighborhoods bidding wars spark secret deals I think he purposely blocked our offer in this hot market is your agent rigging the deal I use my over we order you get land wait until you see how homes get sold down under this is your market place it’s a really nice houses here we’re out house hunting there’s not much that comes up on this street so it goes really quickly but we’re not actually looking for our dream homes all paid and all that said uh video we’re gonna have to ask the agent we’re undercover hidden cameras rolling on the lookout to see if real estate agents are breaking the rules oh thank you so much when you’re fighting for the perfect house it’s up to agents to do what’s right for buyers and sellers but here’s the thing in most of Canada agents are allowed to represent both sides of a sale and earn commission on both sides to everybody whoops some money in Canada’s hottest markets that can be as high as seventy eight

thousand dollars on the average sale a huge incentive for agents to do what’s called double and a deal and sell to a buyer of their own but exactly how common double ending is that’s an industry secret until now with the help of insiders we get our hands on this stats the public never gets to see for the first time we can see the number of homes and agent sells what they sell for and most important how many of those sales are double-ended the average among top sellers in and around Toronto ten percent but for some 20 30 even 40 percent of their sales are double ended but the numbers don’t tell us though is how many of those sales are above board for that you need to be on the inside of a deal we’ve already found the places we want to buy all homes in Toronto’s hottest neighborhoods all likely to end up in a bidding war nice to meet you to go the agents greeting us at the door top sellers part of teams that double-ended at least 20% of their deals this year others we were tipped off to will they agree to double end a sale for us I don’t have a realtor yeah would that be a problem we tell each one we’re not working with an agent of our own two of the ten say that’s not a good idea okay the best thing to do is a hired professional who works in the area who can protect your interests but the majority are eager to

represent us yeah okay would that be helpful if I went through you yeah okay just commission-free represent us also the advantage of us situation for everybody signing us on is allowed as long as the seller agrees to it and it looks like they often do when we check some of Toronto’s hottest neighborhoods we find one in ten sales our double-ended what’s not allowed sharing the amount of competing bids with your own buyer but at this house we haven’t even finished our tour when the agent makes us this offer so we can help you only in the sense of okay knows so what can you do in a sense of like I can coach you kind of how what price to put what price to put does that mean he’ll help us make the highest bid I can help you for sure so this guy comes in a million 320 I can see guys too you know we need another 10,000 or something the 5,000 where that it did hmm beating the other guy like that

doesn’t sound fair to find out if a lines been crossed we head to the real-estate Council of Ontario by Calvin Murphy nice are you nice to meet you Calvin Kushi is Rico’s deputy registrar he’s in charge of disciplining agents if there’s ever a concern about how a trade transpires that’s what we’re here for we find that there’s non-compliance with the rules we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law so what will he think about the offer we caught on camera she kind of her what price the part that’s a problem he’s placing himself in a fiduciary conflict for sure a conflict yes for sure for sure no doubt about it certainly from our perspective yet this agent broke the rules by promising to help us beat the other bid wait until he sees what other promises we catch on hidden camera I was asking about signing up with you if that would be beneficial glitter it is why is that yeah okay and you’ll be able to share that with me well okay okay all right it’s a backroom deal over in 20 seconds but if he makes good on it could be the difference between losing the house making the winning bid we didn’t beg we didn’t plead it was yeah I’ll tell ya that obviously is a concern if that’s how they see that they’re representing the interests of both

sides of the trade this next agent boasts his team double lines all the time usually around 65 percent of our deals through residential pre-construction support our through double ending it so that’s a good number saturation and why might that be as good as dad to know if that could be beneficial for me yeah I just have an inside idea of what’s going on right so y’all keep you in the loop of everything and when we follow up he reveals he’ll work with his colleagues to help ensure we get the house I don’t know if he’s gonna do a first-time shot kind of a the highest you can go and you don’t get a second chance but even he will definitely give us a second chance that Roger sensor we will get a better opportunity we have our checks where we can you know just just on the borderline of legal well definitely we’ll definitely try to help you out there interesting can you believe this language tricks just on the borderline of legal well as this type of conduct in that type of vernacular which places the real estate profession into disrepute this is more than disrepute these agents are breaking the real-estate Act and their code of ethics but one after another they take the risk and promise to disclose secret vids oh does any kinky love me home

okay after only five minutes one agent even tells us the exact number were up against good inside info for us but not so good for the other buyer what would the penalty be for something like this we would be looking at maybe a three to five thousand dollar fine and then if there’s a recidivism or if there’s a repeat pattern we can go up to as high as $25,000 three or five thousand dollars on a house that is probably gonna go for more than eight ninety doesn’t seem like much are the fines steep enough well in our experience the fines are more than adequate even so there’s a slim chance of getting caught that’s because bidding wars go down in secret so buyers will never know why they lost a house unless they go searching for answers we’re looking for two years Wow we wanted to make sure we’re moving to the right house right the right area I’m pretty picky this is that this is the one what a property speedify this was supposed to be cabin Whelan’s forever home the perfect place to raise his family he lost this one yeah he was devastated when he discovered it sold to another buyer for 30,000 less than he tried to

offer this thing agent himself had also brought the buyer forward and that’s when we thought that’s why our offer wasn’t accepted what do you make of that I think he purposely blocked our offer so that he would get double Commission suspicious Kevin tracked down the owners that sold the house I told him that you know we were offering 30,000 over and he’s like what I said down we tried to get our offer true and and you’re you wouldn’t your agent wouldn’t respond to our pages he even said himself said well that’s ridiculous because my agent was in the office so there’s no reason that you should that got your pages so you lose the house the sellers lose out on the money and the listing agent walks away with a big smile and a big bankroll the owners who sold this house aren’t the only ones losing out studies show when the same agency represents both buyer and seller property sell for percent less on the average home in Toronto that can add up to $11,000 remember on our undercover house hunt these agents

were hired by sellers to get them the highest price that doesn’t stop this agent from offering to help us safe what we can ensure is that you’re not paying like a ridiculous price over what the next person is paying back we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of dollars spread between one offer the next and we can avoid that you know we can kind of imagine so he’ll make sure we don’t overpay not good for the seller but it could mean double Commission for him it’s not in the best interest in the seller who’s trying to get the most for their property the seller is entitled to get as much as they possibly can for the property and there’s the inherent conflict that we spoke about okay come on at this house we expose another way agents break the rules to score double Commission shot other buyers out and rush our offer through I have control on both sides and you would be okay before any other offer comes to make it multiple offer situation I try to close the deal for you to understand him I use my father in or did you get that you use your white father this agent double-ended close to 40% of our deals this year I have control on both sides I have a problem with this the power is in the consumer and clearly on the basis of that we have people out there who think otherwise and certainly that would be a cause for grave concern and this

would be if this took place we would be prosecuting and we’d be looking for maximum penalties really maximum penalties she wasn’t the only one six out of the ten top agents broke the rules so why allow agents to double end at all the way it works now is effective as long as everybody’s being honest and working with integrity and so as we just showed you is that everyone’s not working with honest well you’re gonna give me a list of those names aren’t you we’re not sharing names or showing faces that’s because we’ve been told behavior like this is industry-wide who knows how many others have lost thousands in profit or like Kevin the home of his dreams I said it was the perfect house cross but where I am trying to move on to where we are and our son is doing really well where darkness is this that was that was a house that was it to find a better way we’re going down under real estate deals like you’ve never seen before this is how it works you can’t afford to miss this the real deal on your marketplace Canada has one of the most secretive real estate markets in the world closed-door bidding means agents can cash in by breaking the rules while buyers and sellers lose out but does it have to be this way nope just follow us to the other side of the world we’re going down under in Australia real-estate deals go down like you’ve never seen before we’ve got a beautiful day for an auction here let’s get the show on the road folks 50 these houses are up for sale you want to buy the house today this is how it works you better be the one holding that very last feed the crowds outside hopeful buyers making their bids boy buddy what bidding wars here happen right out in the open is gone in Melbourne hottest

neighborhoods about 90% of houses are sold by auction almost 1,000 homes on this day alone in on the action real estate agent an auctioneer Elliot Gill this really has been a pleasure over the last couple of weeks to bring this fantastic property to market he’s here with his team looking for the best price on the first of five houses they’ll auction today they called Melvin the auction capital of the world we love it because it’s really transparent and a buyer can see exactly what the competitors are doing the law prohibits false bids and prohibits bidders from attempting to prevent others from bidding and provides fines for this conduct yep no funny business here this is the one that used to be digging deep on folks another difference down under noticeably absent from the auction buying agents why don’t people have them because people are able to get all of the information available to them here there isn’t as much of a need for it let’s get the show on the road unlike back home in most of Canada sales history and comparables here are available for free online so everyone here is already in the know and ready to bid at nine hundred twenty forty I have now 60 can I my concern well this auction heats up at a million dollars there 20 would be your bid we meet the men leading the charge for consumer protection in real-estate Minister Viktor domina lo if we empower the consumer we have a stronger market place get this there’s no double ending down under Aussie lawmakers bandit more than a decade ago people are not confident in the transaction then that undermines the whole system so from your perspective it’s just

black and white it just should not happen well from my perspective if we try to reintroduce a law that enabled that to happen I’m sure there would be very much a loud voice from the consumer saying why are you doing this it doesn’t exist now and I think that’s a good place to be and as for their open bidding if you were to suddenly tell Australians we’re gonna do away with the auction process what do you think their response or their reaction would be I think they’d be writing outside those guys right now no no writing here seems really fair because you can actually see who’s bidding I can get a feel for that there’s eight people interested in the property so when you think about that you want to resell it down the Chokey go gosh there’s strong interest in Canada we do things pretty differently yeah everything’s in secret that’s crazy that is so crazy it’s not bright easy yeah it’s very different I wonder we love Canada we love Canadians so you know more power that works does it seem strange seeing strange it’s got the

fantastic location but all the home really does need it’s your name on the contract here today auctions like this usually last about 15 minutes 15 tense minutes billion and 10 welcome sir right bead there’s your competition brought the set up Elliott and his team make sure no bids are messed in in 20 30 30 40 40 days 50 million 60 thank you had a million is sixty thousand price just keeps going I thought there’s a back in front seventy could be 71 72 73 74 75 the sellers are hoping to get over million 1 million $190,000 first time then second time for the 1/3 final court 5095 welcome would be 1 million 195 195 fierce competition $1,195,000 5 and a half for the half set 500 now it’s down to just two bidders 198 welcome back make it 1 2 set 1 99 1 million good bid sir needa let you know now sir welcome back one point two and a half I’ll call the property three times first will second core read and final call absolutely sure welcome back we take our findings to the government why not just get rid of double endings I would be hoping to the suggestion marketplace has got your back how not to buy a house on your

marketplace caught on camera real estate agents breaking the rules in an effort to double end a deal and double their commission while you lose out six out of ten the majority of agents said I will bend the rules what do you make of our results if 60% of real estate agents is sort of what you’re asserting are prepared to be non-compliant with the rules perhaps we need to to tighten and what we’re doing on a cross the board basis as for the agents most tell us they did nothing wrong some say they were merely passing on their professional expertise but one admits it happens all the time so what’s reco gonna do about it turns out there’s not much they can do if people are finding themselves in that situation we welcome complaints most people won’t know when something went wrong and I think our test clearly shows that this is happening behind closed doors well we can only discipline on the basis of who

complains so we’re more akin to a fire department as we are to a police force we respond to the call as opposed to being having the resources to go out and look for misconduct or non-compliance so why not eliminate double ending certainly from from the perspective of the consumers that are hurt they want that gone and that’s really it’s something that the government really has to think seriously about and since the government has the power to ban double ending we take our findings to them Maggie frost Lalande is Ontario’s minister of government and Consumer Services does she think double lending should go the complaint system doesn’t work why not just get rid of it at this point what I would say is that Rico has that authority and that responsibility they told us that you’re the one to make give them the tools you’re the ones who sets the law sounds like you’re passing the buck to Rico and Rico’s passing the buck to you well um we have confidence in their ability in their leadership but why not just get rid of double ending I would be open to the suggestion but I think that currently under our legislation the

regulation is there to protect those consumer so the minister is okay with things the way they are but if you’re not Melbourne might be the place for you I want me in charge until aha : again the first possibly the final time are we done we’re selling the property no late surprises we’re selling song congratulations welcome to family this house sells for million out in the open for buyer and seller to see you are the seller yes and you were watching yeah we were actually watching through these flats here we could hear everything that was going on it was very exciting on this side of the world at least everyone gets a fair shake next week on Marketplace millions of followers dozens of daily posts Kim Kardashian on your phone talking to you but are they letting you into their lives or just cashing it about seventy five thousand dollars for a single post the murky new world of celebrity endorsement

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10 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

So as you know online video is super powerful for growing your business but the problem is what do you actually make videos about and in this video I’m gonna be sharing 10 video ideas that you could use specifically for growing your real estate business with Facebook YouTube Instagram and other platforms coming up hey what’s up guys sean here would think media bringing the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and on this channel we do a lot of tech gear reviews as well as tips and strategy videos just like this one so if you’re new here consider subscribing but hey I actually just got done speaking at a real estate event here in Las Vegas and part of that talk was about 10 different video ideas that you can use for growing your real estate business sometimes we get blocked right we know videos powerful but we don’t know what to actually make videos about so I think you’re gonna love this training so let’s cut into it right now so I want to give you 10 quick video ideas for real estate specific quick video ideas that you could do specifically for real estate and you can put these anywhere these actually could go on Instagram Instagram does video but definitely on Facebook also on YouTube multi-purpose but 10 quick video ideas number one is interview videos I want to also keep in mind and we could talk about it hey Shawn what camera should I buy well I don’t we that I have a lot of

recommendations but honestly your smartphone’s good enough pull out your smart phone it shoots HD video and if you um get done with a client or maybe you’re at an open house or maybe just close the house you could just turn the camera on and just shoot a testimonial hey let’s talk about the process what’d you think it was like working with me or turn the camera on them you know we really can level up our marketing and it revolution our business when we started using video testimonials testimonials are good but video testimonials are super powerful because people get to see people who look like them who sound like them there’s to get relate to when you say look I got your back I’m gonna give you the best deal I’m gonna help you close your house I’m the best in the business well of course you’d say that right I mean cuz it’s so hard to talk about yourself a market yourself one of the best marketing is your past clients and customers that have had you have love you can rave about you talk about you in an

organic and real way right so they need time to shoot quick interview testimonial videos and then you could just upload that right on Facebook it’s really cool to hear from Sarah about her closing your house check out this quick three minute click clip with her and you you could just always be ready to capture those during your day to day business the second one is information videos right valuable tips you know how to’s that’s something what Steve is doing and so think like how to select a real estate agent it’s kind of self referential let me give you five tips for selecting a real estate agent and by the end of this video you can see that I qualify for all five let’s talk but you know I mean tips right and these are seeds that she can be planning adding value how to read an inspection report a friend of mine we launched a project called video influencers and years ago he was doing real estate in fact him and his brother got hit hard of course 2008-2009 I’m sure like many of you and at the time they were doing about 10 houses a year not good and got to over a hundred houses a year no joke because of the YouTube channel and actually because they did a lot of stuff with HUD and like bank owned homes and REO and stuff but I started doing videos you know HUD homes or buying real estate what to look for in REO bank owned how why you need to have a home inspection when buying a house how to buy a house valuable content can you

see how powerful this is just stuff that you don’t even really need to prep for it these are things that you you know it right now you just turn the camera on and you could probably give me three tips on all this stuff like you’re already experts this is your business you the same thing you would talk to somebody over the counter like a Starbucks and say oh yeah let me just give you three quick tips that you should be thinking about in this process you’re ready to go just turn the camera on and shoot some content idea number three – saying it’s kind of what’s happening quarter one here in Vegas or even in Summerlin or you know niching down a little bit in different areas number four local business reviews now way to get a little bit out of the box here because you know of course people don’t just buy homes they buy the area so what’s in the area that you could just talk about hey I just want to highlight something super cool you know it’s this is a great place to buy in this area because they’re building out the shopping center and you can start doing things about local businesses it’s educating and helping your current audience as well adding value in keeping up a relationship with people who’ve already bought or sold with you and in helping people number five is go live who here has done a live stream yet Facebook live awesome

there’s people you’re doing live streams you just did a live stream awesome and so you can use any of these ideas for live but now this is real-time no video editing no you know nothing to do later you just go live so you might just go live right from your phone and say hey let’s just check out this new shopping center talk about it for five minutes and you just reviewed a business and said man it’s a good time to be buying the markets good and that right now the rates are good whatever it is and doing live streams around these ideas all you need is a smartphone and and you can do that number six of course the listing videos doing walkthroughs nothing really can give people an idea of homes better than a listing video especially if you invest a little bit or just do it yourself to walk them through show them especially in Vegas is such a transient city as you know sometimes people are in a rush and they need to make decisions before even putting boots on the ground right and so you can really share a lot of information by showing listing videos really helping people see the value walking him through homes this is this is also to not just where things are now it’s going so much more here where people are gonna be

expecting they’re actually just gonna be expecting this like at some point this is just the norm like what do you mean you don’t have a good you know listing walkthrough video of the house I’m just gonna go to the person who does because I’m just sitting at home and my boxers drinking my morning coffee because that’s how I shop now online you know whatever it is this is where the world is going so putting out quality listing videos and about me video who hasn’t about me video anybody have one that’s about you yet awesome somebody in the room raised their hand you got one this is a chance for people to write know like and trust you chance to put out a video a little bit about your bio but not just your credibility not just your authority not just your experience in the business but also your hobbies your personality don’t hold back from being you because people want to do business with people they vibe with and so you can include that an idea for this is here’s an example on YouTube from Jillian you could hire a professional it’s like a produced video or maybe you have acts to that or you get to keep it simple tripod have someone hold the phone hey I just want to introduce myself now you have an about video and you could make this your youtube channel trailer or you could also pin it to the top of your

Facebook page so when someone actually goes to your page for the first time they could see that video and the key here is done is better than perfect as soon as we if you feel like this talks inspiring you think about doing video what might happen is you might get back to actually shooting a video and then you think oh wait a minute delighting and I don’t know if wait what about this and is not gonna sound and how am I gonna and we overthink this stuff the reality is done is better than perfect like your about video shot on your phone shared with the world it’s gonna generate you a lot more business than a theoretical about video that never actually gets put out on the Internet that’s not gonna generate any business right done is always better than perfect of course have a quality standard but but I think a lot of us get paralyzed by perfectionism and then it leads to inaction so just do it get it out there you always improve it later is you can also do a video about your company right if you want to kind of cover your office in some way that could show your guyses vibe your style a little bit about you number 8

community events I just ran the half marathon at the rock and roll and as you know so much cool stuff hair happens in Vegas and you can do just little videos go live at events go live at festivals or street fairs or different things because again if people buy the area hey guys it’s super cool man is such a vibing area there’s really good for kids really good for schools whatever it is really just being in the community creating content and then putting that out there and then a power tip is tag people who are at the event tag people are at the event especially on Facebook hey you know you tagged somebody you can tag them on any of these different platforms why because then that person’s like oh I was there with you I was in the video and then they click like which in boosting engagement they might share it and be like this was so funny when I ran into her you know whatever it is like like like people are like that right and that’s that cross-promotion organic virality that can have because you’re in the community creating content people don’t just buy the homes they buy the neighborhood the location Location Location right so neighborhood videos like you know maybe someone’s like okay I’m set on the home but what’s

happening in the neighborhood and then number 10 is just get creative get creative if you’ve ever seen this guy love him or hate him Jim Cramer mad money you know when I think about like accounting I don’t think about exciting personally I think it’s awesome right but I don’t think about it it’s crazy but like he took something like money and numbers and and made it creative he put a unique spin on it and so sometimes we can get so boxed in with these ideas who here knows who Bill Nye the Science Guy is right same thing I don’t I remember growing up with Bill Nye but but science also was not something I was super excited about in school but I would watch his show because it was creative he just put some energy into it some creativity into it so how can you create creative content to show your personality around your real-estate business there’s also things that happen like the internet challenges ALS icebucketchallenge happened years ago and there’s a keller williams guy that did the did the ice bucket challenge and put it on line some of you might be like what does this even have to do with business

everything it has to do everything with business because you’re building relationships people are vibing with your personality they’re getting to know you am I just get in front of one person because it’s a viral trend and then they start seeing things plus that was for a good cause years ago there was this thing called the Harlem shake you remember that you know you know a lot of real estate groups did videos that usually Google real estate in Harlem shake and you’ll see some videos that are super entertaining on on YouTube but here’s a Remax you know Harlem shake video and then this video yeah you just watched it perfect I’m amazing the serendipity of that but like it’s a rap video right well how does that grow your business well it just puts you out their personality Flair the thing Sally hogshead wrote a book called fascinate and she shared one of the most important quotes in social media right now you should get grab this one by Sally hogshead different is better than better a lot of real estate agents marketing webpages Instagram profiles marketing materials look all the same and that is the recipe for not

growing your business because you just fall into the sea of just sameness right so when you begin to just stand out and maybe even be polarizing it’s fine if you polarize people who would never do business with you you’re going to attract and magnetize the right people that will do business with you so just think about being it and this is it’s all I’m saying is bu bu times to maximize your DNA your style your values you get to pick the music of videos you get to set the whole thing it’s 100% up to you to to architect this but remember that different is better than better so find ways to just stand out not try to be better than someone who’s already got their thing find out how to be the best you and stand out okay so I hope that you found that training valuable and actually if you want more content like that for growing your business with online video we actually have a webinar out it’s all about how to 10x your business with online video so you will link to that in description below or you can just go to 10x webinar dot-com question of the day have you started using video for your real estate business what are some of the ideas that you have have you used any of these 10 or there’s some others let me know in the comment section below so thanks for checking out this video subscribe for more videos just like this if you want to see other videos about growing your business with YouTube click or tap the screen right there for other video from think media click or tap the screen right there until next time think media is bring you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video keep crushing it and we will talk soon

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